Reflection Winners


We have our 2018/2019 Reflection Winners! The theme for this year was "Hero's around us". We had members of our local Fire Department and community come and judge the entries. They said it was the hardest job they've ever had to do! And I believe them! We had so many great entries. Congrats to our winners!

                                      1st place winners:

Quinn McNeff – Visual Arts

Paisley Bryant – Visual Arts

Kaden Warner – Visual Arts

Demi Rowley- Visual Arts

Ammasea Marrot – Visual Arts

Brielle Kinyon – 3D Visual Arts

Jaelynn Prince – 3D Visual Arts

Brooke Hepworth – Literature

McKay Wright – Literature

PJ Huff – Literature

Isabella Rangel – Literature

Brielle Kinyon – Photography

Heston Farnsworth – Music

Adelyn Christensen – Music


2nd Place Winners are:

Jazmyn Prince – Visual Arts

Miles Anderson – Visual Arts

Jayci Healey – Visual Arts

Ryker Holt – Visual Arts

Victoria Moser – Visual Arts

We are so proud of everyone who entered!