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Adelyn Christensen interviewed Mrs. Lisonbee and here is what she found out!

Position: 2nd Grade Teacher

Favorite thing about Apple Valley: The students

Favorite thing to teach: Math, social studies, and science

Favorite hobby: Camping

Favorite food: Fettucine Alfredo

Favorite treat: Donuts

Mrs. Lisonbee has 6 children. Teaching is her hobby, not her job. She lives in Santaquin and grew up in Payson. Her favorite sport is basketball and her favorite game is Quelf. Mrs. Lisonbee also has taught 3rd grade before. 


We love Mrs. Lisonbee. She is ALWAYS smiling. You can tell she really loves her kids and her job. One thing I appreciate about Mrs. Lisonbee is that she is always writing sweet notes to co-workers and students. She is so thoughtful and is big on saying thank you. Thanks for being apart of Apple Valley! We love you!


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