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This weeks Spotlight is brought to you by Kayleigh Musso and Cooper Nostrom! They have chosen to spotlight Mr. Argyle! Here is what they found out about him.

His favorite thing about Apple Valley: Being with sutdents, teachers and parents.

His favorite subject to teach: Science

Favorite hobby: Wood working

Favorite food: Anything his wife makes (great answer, huh!)

Favorite treat: Snickerdoodle Blizzard from Dairy Queen

Favorite color: Turquoise

Favorite animal: Elk

Mr. Argyle has been a principal for 17 years and has 5 children. A few fun facts about Mr. Argyle are that he whistles everywhere he goes. He is the best whistler and that is usually how we can track him down if we are looking for him! Mr. Argyle also loves to run, FOR FUN! He loves to go on long runs and can't wait for the warm weather so he can go out again! 

We are so grateful for Mr. Argyle and all the time and thought he puts in for every single student and faculty member. He is one of the most generous, sincere, and thoughtful people we know. We love working with him and appreciate all the work he does! 

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