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This week Blake Peterson and Anna DeGraffenried chose to spotlight our favorite custodian, Mr. McCarty! Here's what they found out.

Name: Alex McCarty

Position: Head Custodian

Favorite thing about Apple Valley: Kids and Teachers

Favorite hobby: Reading and being with his family

Favorite food: Pizza

Favorite treat: Licorice

Mr. McCarty likes to mow the lawn and play volleyball. His favorite subject is history and his favorite color is orange. He likes broccoli and pears, and horses are his favorite animals. His free time is spent being with his family and doing things outside with them. 

We may be a little biased, but we think Mr. McCarty is the greatest custodian ever! A little side note about Mr. McCarty - he knows every kids name in the school. He loves to give high fives in the hall way and he is always ready to help whoever with whatever! Plus he just celebrated his birthday last week, and we were excited to celebrate him all day long! We are so lucky to have him in our school!!

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