December 2018

5th Grade Ice Skating field trip

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Our 5th graders were able to test their skills out on the ice today! I wonder if we have any future olympians on our hands?! 

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3rd Grade Christmas in

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Our 3rd graders had a fun surprise left in their shoes as they learned about Christmas in Holand. 

"In Holland the Christmas celebration begins before December 5th. Saint Nicholas, or Sinter Klaas, as the children call him, come sailing intot he harbor of many Dutch cities. He brings his white horse and his companion "Black Pete". There is a parade and the children shout as the procession winds around the streets. 

Grandma Epperson

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Ms. Garcia and Ms. Vasquez kindergarten class was lucky enough to be recipiants of handmade blankets from Grandma Epperson! This sweet grandma makes one for each student in this class and today was the day the class was able to meet her and recieve this very special gift. What a wonderful tradition she has done with Ms. Garcia. She has made blankets every Christmas season for the last 10 years! We appreciate Grandma Epperson so much and the thoughtfulness and generosity she has shared with our students at Apple Valley.

Utah Valley Educator of the Week!

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Taryn Brown is a fifth-grade teacher at Apple Valley Elementary School in Santaquin. She has been teaching for 10 years. She received her education at Snow College and UVU. Along with teaching, she is also a mentor teacher to new teachers, the school community council facilitator, and teaches English to children in China.

Utah Valley Student of the Week

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Abigail Rowley is a fifth-grader at Apple Valley Elementary and is this week’s student of the week.

Abby loves to read mysteries — one of her favorites is the Nancy Drew series. She is studying gymnastics and is able to complete a back handspring on the ground.


Abby is currently serving as a Student Council member for our school. She shared an experience that is a great example of the type of contribution she makes each day.

3rd Grade Decorates Zion's Bank Christmas Tree

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3rd grade is making ornaments for Zions Bank Christmas tree. They will walk over to the bank on Tuesday, leave our ornaments and sing a Christmas carol. Our third grade teachers are so fun! 
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