Safe School Route

Attached is our school drop off and pick up map as a friendly reminder of what we would love to have happen. If you are dropping off/picking up students, please follow the black cars on the map. We ask that parents pull forward as cars move. If you need to come into the school, please park in any of the parking lots and not in the school loading/unloading zones. For additional pick up locations, you may park on Center Street, 200 East, or directly across from the school. These areas are usually less congested, and there are safe walking routes for students to each of these locations.

We have changed our school exit points this year to help alleviate congestion at the front of the school.  Kindergarten will be released from the southwest doors. First grade is released from the northwest doors. Second grade is released from the northeast doors. Third grade is released from the northeast doors. Fourth grade is released from the southeast doors. Fifth grade is released from the east doors.

Lastly, we ask for everyone's patience and courtesy as we work to safely and efficiently release over 650 students at the same time. On most days the congestion has cleared within 8-10 minutes. Thank you for your help in making Apple Valley a great place!

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