Webinars for Parents

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Webinars for Parents

The USBE Prevention Team is pleased to announce the first in a series of Webinars for Parents to support Programs for Youth Protection: Parent Seminars.  For our first webinar, we will be addressing the topic of Internet Safety.


Fearless Digital Parenting

Guest Speaker:  Carrie Rogers-Whitehead, Founder of Digital Respons-Ability

Date: Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Time: 6:00 PM- 7:00 PM


Registration: To register, and/or to have a recording emailed to you after February 22, please register using this link.


Description of webinar:


It can be difficult for parents to navigate the use of technology in their families. This webinar seeks to empower and educate, sharing parenting strategies around tech through developmental stages. You’ll also learn about:

  • Red flag apps and platforms
  • How to create a family media plan
  • Conversation starters to talk about technology

Join the conversation with the Utah State Board of Education Prevention Team and Digital Respons-Ability, the state provider of online safety on research-based practices to help keep your children safe and responsible online.



Carrie Rogers-Whitehead is the founder of Digital Respons-Ability, a mission-based company that teaches digital citizenship to tens of thousands of parents, students, and educators in Utah and across the world.  She regularly presents on technology, online safety, education, and parenting. Carrie is the author of several academic books on technology and human behavior including: Digital Citizenship: Teaching Strategies and Practice From the Field (Rowman & Littlefield, 2019) Becoming a Digital Parent: A Practical Guide to Help Families Navigate Technology (Routledge, 2020) and The 3Ms of Fearless Digital Parenting (Skyhorse Publishing, 2021). Carrie is also a mother who applies what she teaches with her own family at home.


Free digital parenting resources


Digital Respons-Ability has a list of free resources on their website: https://respons-ability.net/free-resources/ They also share resources and a parenting gaming review site at https://digital-parenting.com. Join them for free monthly webinars aimed at parents and educators by signing up for their newsletter. You can also see past archived trainings on their SchoolTube channel: https://www.schooltube.com/channel/Digital+Respons-Ability.net/190101523.


To book presentations at your school or to teach at your organization, please email contact [at] respons-ability.net (contact[at]respons-ability[dot]net).  All their digital parenting classes are free in the state of Utah.


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