Faculty spotlight with student council

Submitted by emy.porter on Thu, 10/05/2023 - 13:10
Faculty spotlight

This week for faculty spotlight our student council members, Brooke H and Gunner L, chose to interview Mrs Liddle. Here is what they learned about her:

Name: Mrs Liddle

Position: 4th grade

Favorite thing about Apple Valley: kind students/family and great staff

Favorite thing to teach: History

Favorite hobby: Sewing and reading

Favorite food: Seafood, especially shrimp and crab

Favorite treat: Chocolate covered cinnamon bears

Other questions they chose to ask her: Favorite color is red. She does like hiking and her favorite soda is Dr Pepper Zero sugar.  Mrs Liddle's favorite sport is football, her favorite fruit is mangoes, and her favorite vegetable is peas.