Faculty Spotlight by Student Council

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faculty spotlight by student council

Our awesome student council members, Brielle and Miles, chose to interview Mrs. Larsen  this week for the faculty Spotlight of the week.  This is what they learned about her. 

Name: Heather Larsen 

Position: Intervention Specialist

Favorite thing about AppleValley: the people

Favorite thing to teach: Reading

Favorite hobby: camping, hiking, singing

Favorite food: homemade cookies

Any other questions you want to ask: Her favorite color is blue. She loves free time with her family. When asked about pets, Mrs. Larsen said they have 3 tortoises and a tortoise egg.  They also have one bunny, 28 fish, and 4 aquatic snails. Her favorite movie is Two Weeks with Love. She loves the book Harry Potter and her favorite number is 13.  Mrs. Larsen has 4 kids and has been married for 21 years. Her favorite Disney characters are all of the princesses. She will sing made up songs and likes to draw. When asked what her dream pet would be, Mrs. Larsen said she would love to have a dolphin. If she won a million dollars, Mrs, Larsen would love to get a new kitchen and then help others.

Mrs. Larsen helps the students at Apple Valley every day and is always so positive and friendly. Apple Valley loves Mrs. Larsen!