Mrs. Lisonbee Receives Science Grant

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Apple Valley Elementary – Eileen Lisonbee        
“In second grade students are supposed to participate in shared research and writing projects. They get to read books on a  topic and gather information from different sources to produce a written report. We put students in groups to research one of the habitats, continents or symbols together. Having books in each of our classrooms will help each second grader accomplish so much in being able to discover for themselves the different habitats, continents, and national symbols that are important for their individual and group learning.  It will  also facilitate team work in our classrooms. Teamwork is a life skill that our students will use throughout their lifetime,” stated Eileen Lisonbee, a second-grade teacher at Apple Valley Elementary. “Thank you so much to the Nebo Education Foundation for your generous gift to Apple Valley second graders. Our students will thrive with the materials for science and social studies that we received because of the grant.”


Congratulations Mrs. Lisonbee! This is so exciting!

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