Breakfast Drop Off

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We wanted to send out a quick reminder about breakfast drop off. Please use the parking lot on the east side of the school and pull up to the gate to drop of students. There will be cones placed outside directing you where to safely park to unload your children. If you have any questions about where to drop them off, please call the school! 

Apple Valley Gear!

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The PTA has a new online order form, if you are interested in purchasing any Apple Valley gear. They are offering both grey and maroon t-shirts and hooded sweatshirts (the grey sweatshirts are new this year), as well as youth and adult size masks. If you would like to get some new gear for your students this year, click on this link to complete your order. This first order of the year will close on SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 5th. If you have any questions, feel free to contact a member of the PTA board. Thank you!

4th Grade Energy Activity

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Fourth Grade has started learning about Kinetic and Potential Energy! The "Tennis Ball Throw" experiment today, demonstrated how the greater the speed at which one object strikes another, the greater the distance the stationary object moves. The students threw tennis balls, measured and recorded the data to prove this theory.


PTA General Meeting

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The PTA general meeting will be held Wednesday, September 9th @ 9:15. If possible, no children. Thank you for your understanding in helping us keep our numbers low.

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3rd Grade WAR!

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Mrs. Smith's class played WAR with their cards to practice comparing numbers. It's fun to see how teachers incorperate learning and playing! Every student loved this and was completely engaged throughout the activity. 

Mrs. Smith, you're pretty awesome!! 


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September Lunch Menu

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Swipe to see the lunch menu for this month!


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School Community Council Information

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Here is the information needed to apply for SCC. Please print the form out and bring signed copy to the office at Apple Valley. We always appreciate those who help and serve our school and our community. 


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2nd Grade Goal Assembly

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Today was the 2nd graders opening assembly for their week of olympics! They are taking this week to learn about goals and what it means to set a goal and how to work towards goals. Mr. Argyle told them that even though they are only in 2nd grade, they are capable of setting goals and accomplishing them. I really appreciated when a student said "I'd never be able to do that" and Mr. Argyle quickly said that he really believed that he could do that AND so much more! The amount of encouragement that he filled the gym with was motivating.

Kindergarten Open House

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Ok, we voted and we decided that kindergartners are the cutest things!! Today they got to come meet their new teachers and check out their new classrooms! We can't wait for them to start school tomorrow. They add so much to Apple Valley and help to make it such a special place!


Lunch and Breakfast Menu 8.24-8.28

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Swipe to see next week's menu for breakfast and lunch. If your child needs/wants to eat breakfast they will enter through the lunchroom doors at the back of the school. You can drive on the west or east side parking lots and drop them off, or you may park and walk them. We do have faculty members outside helping kids find their way to the lunchroom and monitoring outside play. You guys have the best kids and they make our jobs so fun!