4th Grade Rap Battles

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Our awesome 4th graders had an intense battle of Math Rap! Each class memorized and danced to a rap to help them remember math equations. They each did so good and it was fun to see how each class made the same rap so different! The winner of the battle was Mrs. Weeks' class! Woohoo! Good job 4th graders!


September Newletter

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Here is a copy of the newsletter that was sent home on Friday. Please make note that the date under the school buses is wrong. Tuesday, September 29th is a normal school day, students will be out at the normal time of 2:30. We are sorry for the confusion! #HowManyDoesItTakeToProofReadANewsletter? #ProofReaderForHire


Apple Valley Movie Night

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We are sad that we cannot hold Family Movie Night at our school this year. We are, however, so grateful for our PTA for coming up with such a fun alternative activity!! The PTA is going to be selling these awesome movie treat buckets this Friday, September 25th. There are two ways you can for your bucket. You can go online by going to the link below, by scanning the QR code on the flyer, OR you can pay with cash or check when picking the bucket up on Friday.  Scroll through the pictures to see the details of each bucket and the information on the flyer. 


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We are so excited to be holding Reflections this year! See attached images for more information.

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Energy Activity

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Mrs. Week's class is learning about transferring energy in collisions by playing marbles! 

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Mrs. Week's Class Helpers

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Mrs. Weeks' 4th Grade class was able to be helpers for Mrs. Brandley's 1st grade class today! They went down and helped each 1st grader learn how to login to the chromebooks. What a neat way to do service for other students and teachers! Thank you Mrs. Weeks for having such a helpful class!!!


Mrs. Wimmer's Letter Posters

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Mrs. Wimmer's cute class is making Letter Posters! They are decorating each posterboard with things they know that start with that letter! These cute kindergartners are going to be so smart!


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Mrs. Blackhurst Place Value Game

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Mrs. Blackhurst's class played a review game to prepare for their place value test. The students worked in groups to figure out answers together and then put a ball that matched their group's color in a basket to earn points for their group. The trick was, no one knew how many points each basket was worth so it was also a game of chance! They worked so hard and actually begged for more math problems! Way to make learning fun, Mrs. Blackhurst!!!