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Check Out Our Smize!

Submitted by morgan.kinyon on Fri, 08/21/2020 - 16:46
Mrs. Weeks clearly has a cute and fun class!
Cute Cherokee Simmons and Gracie Beddes!
Tyce Wagner, Parker Cornia, and Lukas Thomas showing us that boys know how to smile with their eyes too!
Mrs. Smith with Myriam and Lucy demonstrating the perfect smize!
Mrs. Tucker's class knows how to SMIZE!
Mrs. Jeffery's 1st graders
Everyone agrees! They love Mrs. Taylor!
Mrs. Snow's 5th graders
Mrs. Tucker's cute 1st graders getting a tour of the office on the first day of school!

Raise your hand if you are as excited for school to be in session as we are!!! This has been such a fun few days. But, of course, our favorite is seeing your children at the school! Even with masks on, we are all still smiling!! Most kids already have the smize down!

Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for your positive and encouraging words this week! Each teacher here cares so deeply for their students already! Mr. Argyle always says "magic happens here within these walls" and he couldn't be accurate! Apple Valley is truly a magical place! We have a wonderful community and appreciate everyone's support so much! Here's to the start of an AMAZING school year!

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