Utah Valley Student of the Week


Abigail Rowley is a fifth-grader at Apple Valley Elementary and is this week’s student of the week.

Abby loves to read mysteries — one of her favorites is the Nancy Drew series. She is studying gymnastics and is able to complete a back handspring on the ground.


Abby is currently serving as a Student Council member for our school. She shared an experience that is a great example of the type of contribution she makes each day.

“On the day we had the terrible rainstorm after school, I was heading to the bike rack to get my bike. I noticed a little boy crying because he couldn’t get his bike lock combination open. Even though it was raining really hard, and I was scared about the lightning and thunder, I knew it was still important to help him. I ran over to where he was at, asked him what his combination was, and even though it took me a try or two, I was able to help him get the bike lock open. By the time I got to my bike lock, my fingers were numb, but I was glad that I could help out a fellow student in his time of need,” she said.


Although Abby has not yet decided what she wants to do for a career, she knows that she wants to attend Snow College. She enjoys working on things that are challenging and always tries her best.

When her teacher was asked to talk about Abby, this is what she said: “Abby is an excellent student who is always looking for opportunities to help out her classmates. She goes above and beyond to make sure each student in our classroom feels comfortable and welcome. She can be a friend to anyone, when picking groups for class projects, she makes sure to include students who have yet to find a friend to work with. Abby always makes sure to stay caught up on her school work, If she has missed a day of school, she makes up her work quickly to make sure her grades stay just the way she likes them — perfect. Other specific traits about Abby that make her an outstanding student are, she is kind, compassionate, funny, honest and hard-working. Anyone who knows Abby should consider themselves lucky, because she is one special girl.


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