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Teacher Spotlight of the Week

Submitted by morgan.kinyon on Tue, 03/10/2020 - 10:35

Student Council Officers, Abby Rowley and Kaitlyn Walker, chose to spotlight Mrs. Valerio. Here is what they found out:

Position: TSA, Teacher on Special Assignment

Favorite thing about Apple Valley: How everybody works together and how kind people are to each other. She especially enjoys working with Mrs. Kinyon :)

Favorite thing to teach: Integrating arts into the lessons

Favorite hobby: Spending time in the mountains

Favorite food: Philly Cheese Steak with Au Juice

Favorite treat: Pink sugar cookie and strawberry malts


Ms. Valerio has 2 kids, a boy and a girl, her son is graduated and her daughter is a sophmore in high school. Her favorite place to vacation is Disneyland and Lake Powell. She has worked for Nebo School District for 20 years. She went to college and got her teaching degree, and furthered her education and got her masters degree in leadership. Mrs. Valerio has a mini austrailian sheperd named Bruiser and a cat named Shadow. 


Can we all just bow down to Mrs. Valerio's amazingness! Apple Valley would not be complete without her here. She does such an amazing job interacting with students and is always smiling and happy to help however she can. Mrs. Valerio has so many wonderful traits, and if you know her at all, you know just what I mean. She is just the absolute best!!! We love having her here. We learn so much from her on a daily basis!


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