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Teacher Spotlight of the Week

Submitted by morgan.kinyon on Mon, 03/02/2020 - 14:26

This week student council officers, Anna DeGraffenried and Miley Miller, chose to spotlight Mrs. Bowman! Here is what they found out:

Position: Resource Teacher

Favorite thing about Apple Valley: the students and working with Morgan Kinyon, my favorite pretend daughter.

Favorite thing to teach: Phonics

Favorite hobby: Sewing

Favorite food: Pizza

Favorite treat: Popcorn

She has been teaching for 21 years, but hasn't always been a resource teacher. She used to teach keyboarding too! Her favorite movie is all the Star Wars. Favorite candy bar is Snickers and loves to cook Lasagne. She has 4 kids and 12 grandkids. Her favorite color is blue and she loves to play volleyball. She loves salads and BYU. She loves to jump on the tramp with her grandkids and THIS LADY CAN DO THE SPLITS!!! It's amazing! 

We adore Mrs. Bowman. She radiates kindness. Her students love her, but not as much as her co-workers! Mrs. Bowman is always dressed so nicely and is absolutely beautiful. We love working with her and are so grateful she is here at Apple Valley! She helps so many kids and we couldn't thank her enough!


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