3rd Grade Christmas in


Our 3rd graders had a fun surprise left in their shoes as they learned about Christmas in Holand. 

"In Holland the Christmas celebration begins before December 5th. Saint Nicholas, or Sinter Klaas, as the children call him, come sailing intot he harbor of many Dutch cities. He brings his white horse and his companion "Black Pete". There is a parade and the children shout as the procession winds around the streets. 

The children get ready for this visit by putting their wooden shoes outside their door. The shoes are filled with carrots and hay for Saint Nicholas' horse. The next morning the children find surprises Saint Nicholas has left for them.

Saint Nicholas wears the clothes of a bishop. He questions the children about their behavior. If anyone has been bad they are punishedby Black Pete. 

On Saint Nicholas Eve, the family gathers around the dining room table. Each person finds his place with a chocolate initial. Holland is famous for its delicious chocolate!